Boltless 3D SpiderMan Headset Cap

Boltless 3D SpiderMan Headset Cap

The ultimate in current KAPZ production technology . . . 4 layers of 3D etching (c2 hours of production time) + anodising + hand painted to finish - this headset cap will blow your mind!!!

Pushing the envelope for what is possible on a 32mm (1 1/8") headset cap that will fit most bikes. 

EXPENSIVE YES - but oh so absolutely gob-smackingly stunning - a work of art!

We need a mx of 10 weeks to complete each one ordered.

This cap is a direct fit for any standard 32mm cap and bolt and comes with everything you need to quickly install your amazing new Spiderman KAPZ including one of our new stainless steel retainers too.

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