These products are reserved for the extra-ordinary - for the extremely complicated design and production techniques needed to turn your desires into a real-life work of art.

Prices are calculated individually and are based on both the design time and materials/processes needed to complete each EXTREME KAPZ project to a KAPZ quality standard.

Here is a price guide for EXTREME KAPZ production projects . . . 

  • Headset Caps (laser etched or full colour) - from £49.95 each
  • Boltless Headset Caps (laser etched or full colour) - from £64.95 each
  • Handlebar End Plugs (laser etched or full colour) - from £64.95 a pair
  • TiTanium Headset Caps - from £99.95 each
  • Engraved Headset Caps (standard or boltless) - from £99.95 each
  • Engraved Handlebar End Plugs - from £124.95 a pair
  • Carbon Fibre Headset Cap - from £99.95
  • DogTags - from £99.95 a set

Please contact us with your design idea so that we can consider the best production method for your project before completing your order.

Delivery to any address, anywhere on planet Earth!

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