Spares & Extras

Bolts, headset caps, retainers, headset bungs, 2mm spacers, beanies, gift vouchers and other super stuff - all in-stock!

If you cannot find what you are looking for - we can make ANY design you want - just get in touch and we will sort it out for you!

Spare Bolts

All our bolts are designed to fit any of our STANDARD headset caps & handlebar bar end plugs. They are industry standard and could also be used in... view details

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KAPZ Snood

Our super-soft and super-useful KAPZ Snood will keep your neck warm whilst you are travelling to the cake stop and it will also keep your head warm wh... view details

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Special Orders

If you have been directed here, you have a special order to complete.Please follow these three easy steps with the information in the e.mail you have ... view details

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